ISCA Awards 2021: Apply now for a chance to be awarded for your work!



Four new ISCA Awards will be presented at the MOVE Congress in 2021 to recognise organisations and individuals who have delivered good practices in the Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS). Apply now until 23 June 2021 for your chance to win a cash prize and a trip to Brussels to be part of the ISCA Awards Ceremony and the MOVE Congress in November.

Individuals and organisations are invited to apply for one or more of the four award categories: IRTS Role Model, IRTS Cross-Sector Partnership, IRTS Innovation during Covid-19 and Integration of Women and Girl Refugees Through Sport. 

Eligible nominees will be shortlisted by an expert jury, and public voting will start for the Role Model category on 1 October 2021, and 3 finalists will be selected for the other 3 award categories in September 2021. All award recipients will be announced during the ISCA Awards Ceremony in Brussels (and online) on 17 November 2021.

Apply here for your chance to:

  • Win a trip to Brussels

All shortlisted finalists will be awarded a trip to Brussels to take part in ISCA’s MOVE Congress on 17-20 November 2021.

  • Win a 3000€ cash prize

The winner from each category will receive a cash prize of 3000 euro.

  • Win a trip to ISCA’s IRTS international seminar in 2022

The winner from each category will get a trip to ISCA’s Integration of Refugees Through Sport international seminar in 2022 with flight, hotel and meals covered.
Read more about the Award criteria and evaluation process here, and about the four award categories below.

IRTS Role Model (citizens’ choice)
We will award a person who is making a difference in the integration of refugees through sport in communities, schools, sport clubs or workplaces. We are looking for a person who is demonstrating leadership and taking action to address inclusion challenges, discrimination, and helping to create more inclusive societies. This category is relevant for anyone who is dreaming big and pushing boundaries to make a difference, and there are many forms this could take. For example, an IRTS Role Model could be working with refugees in support of their integration in a sport club, local community or a pathway to meaningful employment. IRTS Role Models can be refugees or citizens in the host country. 

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IRTS Cross-Sector Partnership
For a local, regional, national or international entity that wants to have an impact in the integration of refugees through sport, creating partnerships is the key to achieving a bigger impact. We believe that success for IRTS lies in cooperation. We are looking for IRTS partnerships of stakeholders from different sectors including sport, health, leisure, education, social, humanitarian, cultural, corporations and community organisations. We look for partnerships that have documented results.

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IRTS Innovation during Covid-19
As the world endures the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the multiple benefits of sport to individuals and society have become more evident than ever. Sport and physical activity remain key tools in overcoming the difficulties of the pandemic by providing opportunities to build resilience, boost mental health and offer hope, among refugees in particular. We are looking for programmes or networks that, during 2020 and 2021, have adapted and innovated activities to address the challenges and evolving needs in societies hit by the pandemic. 

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Integration of Women and Girl Refugees Through Sport
To make change, women’s voices need to be heard. We are looking for programmes of empowerment activities or networks that support refugees and asylum-seeking women and girls to develop their confidence and skills (also) through sport. This can be in the shape of a welcoming and supportive space in which women/girls can meet peers and begin to rebuild their lives, whether through sport, culture, or learning a new language.

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Applications close on Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 11:59 PM CEST.

Find out more about the ISCA Awards here