The first international knowledge hub and networking platform for integration of refugees through sport

About the IRTS Networking Platform

Thousands of stakeholders and partners located across Europe have been dedicated to creating and delivering solutions to an international challenge. They have tested and innovated the facilitation of integrating refugees through sport and physical activity in their communities. With so many organisations working, pulling and advocating in the same direction, surely we have the strength in numbers to make a difference – don’t we?

Thanks to support from the European Union, the International Sport and Culture Association is uniting solutions in the field of Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS) through a new network.

A unique networking and learning opportunity

The IRTS Networking Platform aims to empower people working or volunteering in integration of refugees through sport roles by offering in-person and online opportunities to meet, learn, gain recognition for their initiatives and connect with high profile humanitarian organisations.

The platform is also a hub of resources for professionals and volunteers working on activities with refugees and other initiatives that focus on social inclusion. Our focus is on grassroots sport, but you will find that many of the resources can be used for other community initiatives as well.

The IRTS Networking Platform also offers the following professional development opportunities:

  • Mentoring programme: Connecting people who are experienced in running IRTS initiatives with those who are just starting out, or are looking for some advice to make a bigger impact.
  • Award scheme: Recognising initiatives and partnerships that have made an impact in their communities.
  • Online courses: 3 new online courses will equip solution-providers with tested approaches, expert and peer-to-peer tips from the field, and avenues to support and funding.
  • Events: In October 2021, we want to deliver the biggest stakeholder congress so far for Integration of Refugees Though Sport in the context of the MOVE Congress. This will be preceded by a pre-event in 2020 and followed by a promotional event in 2022.

The IRTS Networking Platform builds on our experience and outcomes from EU and Nordplus supported projects ‘Integration of Refugees Through Sport’, ‘Inclusion of Refugees Through Sport’ and ‘MOVE Beyond’. The main message that has recurred in these initiatives is that sport and simple physical movements can be used as a momentary relief for refugees and can open doors to new social contacts and different cultures. And that by working with rather than for the target group, sport and physical activity can also empower refugees and asylum seekers with opportunities for leadership and self-organisation. Sport and physical activity are simply a great way to #PlayTogether in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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IRTS Networking Platform Contact

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