IRTS Events

Over 3 years, we will gather stakeholders from the Integration of Refugees Through Sport Network at 3 international conferences. These conferences will provide the time and space for you to meet representatives and leaders of organisations that are working in the field.


The first conference in 2020 will take place from 16-17 November in Copenhagen, Denmark and will be a chance for:

  • Members of the network to share experience and learning with experts from the field of IRTS
  • Mentors and mentees to meet each other
  • Growing the network and developing the IRTS platform.

MOVE Congress

In October 2021, we want to deliver the biggest stakeholder congress so far for Integration of Refugees Though Sport in the context of the MOVE Congress.

The MOVE Congress is a global conference organised by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) in collaboration with local and national partners. The event gathers organisations and individuals who deliver initiatives at the grassroots level along with decision-makers, companies, urban planners, health experts, academics and other key stakeholders for three days of active networking. Its innovative sessions have a unique focus on being physically active – so you can expect the unexpected.

Taking this dynamic approach and getting conference participants out of their seats to move around ensures a great level of interaction and is a fun way to break the ice. And it might just help you establish your next successful partnership…

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The MOVE Congress will be followed by a promotional conference in 2022. We will use event to promote IRTS and for a call to action!


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