Integration of Refugees
through Sport

2016 Germany


Type of Project: Initiative, project Target Group: Refugees living in Hamburg, Germany. Download PDF Developed by: FC Lampedusa Hamburg
Country Germany
Year 2016
Contact Info FC Lampedusa Hamburg

Synthesis of the case study

FC Lampedusa Hamburg is a football club founded by the players from the Lampedusa Refugee Group in Hamburg. The West African migrants who worked for years in Libya until they had to flee from violence and war across the Mediterranean Sea to Lampedusa island in Italy. FC Lampedusa Hamburg welcomes all refugees and migrants over the age of 16, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. It has a political component, and as a self-organised club it follows its own principles of making football available to everyone. FC Lampedusa does not only offer the opportunity to train and play with all immigrants, refugees and locals of Hamburg, it also gives them a space to speak up about their situation and desires. They also organise several other events to provide information about the situation and the rights of refugees in Hamburg, Germany and Europe.

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FC Lampedusa Hamburg