Integration of Refugees
through Sport

2015 China, Hong Kong


Type of Project: Initiative, project Target Group: Female refugees in Hong Kong Download PDF Developed by: Free to Run
Country China, Hong Kong
Year 2015
Contact Info Free to Run

Synthesis of the case study

The refugee program, organised by Free to Run, was organised in Hong Kong with the aim to provide hiking activities for a group of refugee women. This program with female refugees began in June 2015, in collaboration with the Justice Centre Hong Kong, providing hiking activities every week for a group of 15-20 women. In August 2015, they began a mixed-gender track training group. Free to Run is now including 45 refugees and provides them the first access-point to sports. Through sports, they are overcoming the social isolation of living as refugees in Hong Kong, dealing with past traumas, and rebuilding their self-confidence. Refugees in Hong Kong are not allowed to work or even volunteer, thus joining fitness activities are some of the few opportunities to re-develop their mental and physical strength.

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