Integration of Refugees
through Sport

2015 Germany


Type of Project: Initiative, project Target Group: Women living in Berlin, Germany. Download PDF Developed by: BIKEYGEES
Country Germany
Year 2015
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Synthesis of the case study

#BIKEYGEES is a Berlin-based project for education and integration, where women offer open bike trainings for (refugee) women and girls who newly arrived to the city and do not know how to bike. The lessons do not only include practical cycling lessons, but also theoretical classes about German traffic rules and basic bike repair workshops. It is a comprehensive approach that aims to share empowerment, independence, CO2-neutral transport, fresh air and exercise, joy, and mutual success stories with its volunteers and participants. It also combines physical activity, relaxation, and active and fun use of a newly acquired language. Its common goal is to foster a sense of community and friendship.The organisations helps refugee women to help dissolving barriers between people.

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