Integration of Refugees
through Sport

2002 Thailand


Type of Project: Initiative, project Target Group: Children and young refugees living in camps. Download PDF Developed by: Right to Play
Country Thailand
Year 2002
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Synthesis of the case study

The Sport and Play Program for Refugees from Birma (Myanmar) in Thailand seeks to address a number of key challenges that present barriers to the holistic development of children and youth in a refugee setting. The main aim is that children and youth in schools in the camps benefit from regular play and sport based learning activities. These activities are aligned with specific learning outcomes that promote healthy physical, emotional and social well-being. Right to Play´s teachers and coaches combine sports, critical reflection, play and local action to activate personal healing, increasing the children´s capacity to make meaning of the conflict and improve their social learning. The program is designed with the following objectives:provide regular and inclusive sport and play activities to improve the physical, emotional and social well-being of refugee children and youth/ improve and support quality basic education for students in the seven refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma/Myanmar border/ facilitate progress towards sustainable education solutions by enhancing cooperation collaboration networking and policy discussions amongst relevant stakeholders.

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